Board of Trustees

GSHA Board of Trustees

Eleven members of the Good Samaritan Hospital Association board of directors represent church congregations in communities where they either live or are employed.

Congregational representatives are nominated by member congregations in Rugby/Balta/Orrin, Leeds/Maddock/Knox, Rolette/Wolford/Dunsieth/Overly, and Towner/Willow City/Upham. Two board positions, a physician(s) and a member(s)-at-large, are filled at the board's discretion. Association CEO Erik Christenson serves as board secretary, and CFO Melissa Shepard is treasurer. Both are non-voting members of the board.

William Griffin, Chairman, Represents Rugby

Wayne Trottier, Vice Chairman, Represents Rugby

Mike Graner, Member at Large, Represents Rugby

Tanner Johnson, Represents Rugby

Dr. Josy Hoff, Physcian Representative

Richard "Dick" Anderson, Represents Willow City

Kim Bott, Represents Dunseith
Kolin Johnson, Represents Towner

Annette Leier, Represents Balta/Orrin

Deanna Marchus, Represents Rolette/Wolford

Dr. Ron Skipper, Physician Representative

Craig Zachmeier- Represents Rugby