Accountable care organizations

Accountable care organizations

Working together to improve health care

All of your doctors working together to provide you with the best possible health care. That's a big part of what you get from an accountable care organization (ACO).

ACOs are groups of doctors and other providers, including hospitals like ours, who have agreed to coordinate care for Medicare patients. The goal is to improve patient care and make health care more efficient.
Many Medicare patients have multiple chronic conditions, so they see several doctors. In an ACO, doctors share information about these patients-their medical history, what medications they take, and what treatments and tests they've had. This reduces the risk of duplicate care and medical errors. And it is shown help lower health care costs.

Are you already in an ACO?
You'll probably know if your doctor participates in an ACO when you come in for an appointment-you'll see a poster with information about it. Or you might get a letter that explains how an ACO works, including the fact that you can still see any doctor or be admitted to any hospital that accepts Medicare.

Have questions? At HAMC our ACO Coordinator, Natalie Tuff, RN is available to answer and questions you may have. Call her at 776.5455 ext. 2307. Your providers can also explain more. Or you can visit Search for "accountable care organizations."