Burned out on diabetes? HAMC can help with the DEEP Program

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Diabetes is a demanding disease—living with it isn't always easy.
Checking blood sugar, taking medication, watching what you eat and other diabetes-related tasks can be overwhelming. Worry and frustration over things like glucose numbers or complications may take an emotional toll. All of the stress, strain and fatigue that comes with managing the disease may sometimes lead to what's often called diabetes distress.
Diabetes stress is overwhelming. If you have it, it may put your health at risk. You might start skipping blood sugar checks or medicines. And you may question the usefulness of even following your diabetes routine.

How to cope:
Speak up. Tell your provider, nurse or diabetes educator how you're feeling. They can help determine if you have diabetes distress. And they can help you pinpoint its causes and offer ways for you to cope.

Seek support.  Heart of America Medical Center’s Diabetes Education and Empowerment Program (DEEP) has been helping many who live with diabetes understand the disease and learn to manage it. DEEP is a free six week education program taught by Kathy Brandt, RD, LRD, CDE designed to teach people how to monitor and use the results adequately, understand risk factors, identify and prevent complications, meal planning,  understand medications and medical care.

“Attending these classes, I gained a sense of comfort in knowing that I was not alone and my diabetes can be managed. I thought I knew everything I needed to know. I was living with stress and misinformation and that was corrected with what I learned in these classes. I would like to encourage those living with diabetes to give these classes a try because Kathy really worked hard for me and she was there every step of the way.” States Den Jenkins, class participant.

“I’m thankful for this program, it’s helped a lot of people in our community feel empowered, less stressed and it gives them many alternative ideas on how to manage their diabetes by making realistic adjustments. Dr. Johnson, Diabetes Specialist has been a valuable resource for those in this program as well. With his special interest in diabetes technology, he adds new information that people in our class may not aware of.”  Adds Kathy Brandt.

Deb says “Classes can be fun, it’s not just sitting and listening to someone lecture, you become involved, and it’s upbeat and creative. I also appreciate knowing that I can drop in to another class if I need a refresher, or just want a little extra support.”  

The DEEP program is free to those interested and the next session begins January 30th. The following dates are February 6th, 20th and 27th, March 6th and 20th. Participation in all six classes is encouraged.  Contact Kathy Brandt at 776.5455 ext. 2204 to register.  A referral is not required from a provider.

Additional source: American Diabetes Association