Cancer Care Now Available at HAMC

On Thursday, October 12th Heart of America Medical Center opened their doors to the fight on cancer.
This addition, made possible by grant funding through the USDA, fundraisers and donations from the Good Samaritan Health Services Foundation and HAMC took nearly two years from concept to completion.
“Our state of the art facility, matched only in large urban settings is delivered to you here, close to home. From the moment our patient arrives, they will be greeted by our passionate professional staff dedicated to helping our patients during this time of treatment.  Cancer care close to home was our goal when beginning this process.  Together we will fight this disease with everything we have in a setting centered on you.” States Patrick Branco, CEO of HAMC.
“We have the capability of providing a chemotherapy delivery model for our patients in collaboration with their oncologist. Patients can request to receive treatments here in Rugby. We have the ability to provide most oncology treatments that larger facilities do.” States Erik Christenson, PharmD, Chief of Professional Services at HAMC.  
This infusion therapy suite is dedicated to bringing the latest treatments to patients whether they have cancer, a chronic infection, an immune disorder or some other condition that requires intravenous therapy.
The Infusion suite, which is situated near the acute care hospital on ground floor, is staffed by pharmacists and nurses who are highly skilled and certified to administer infusion medicines. Because infusion therapy can sometimes take several hours, the suite is equipped with features to help make patients as comfortable as possible, such as soothing massage chairs, soft lighting, televisions, tablets and Wi-Fi.
For more information about receiving treatments closer to home contact Heart of America Johnson Clinic at 701.776.5235.