HAMC Makes Changes to Secure its Future

For more than two decades Heart of America Medical Center has faced financial challenges like many rural healthcare organizations in the country.
Due to these financial challenges, HAMC has been forced to restructure the organization which has resulted in layoffs, terminations and resignations. Currently, 90% of staff have been retained.
“As a responsible business, we must always look to become more efficient. For the next year or so we will be in a state of constant evaluation. This means, almost certainly there will be employees making adjustments. Any layoffs from here forward will be the result of certain department restructuring to reflect today’s work.” Patrick Branco CEO states.
Along with the restructuring of staff, employees have experienced salary and benefit reductions. The on-sight daycare has recently opened to the public and is now a benefit to the community.
Patients will begin to notice that upon check-in, Admissions staff will inform patients of their responsibility and request payment at the time of service. This is a standard practice in healthcare. Most organizations require copay, coinsurance and deductible payments upfront. Patients will be asked to arrive prepared with identification, insurance information and payment options.
These restructures are focused in a way that will not disrupt patient care and services offered. At this time, no services have been eliminated and the full staff of medical providers continue to care for patients.  
Patrick adds “Actions we have taken over the course of the last several weeks are beginning to stabilize our operations in getting near right-sized for this organization. We are optimistic that we will persevere today and into our future.”