HAMC Upgrades MRI Technology

For immediate release                                                                                                                 July 27, 2020
HAMC Upgrades MRI Technology
Rugby ND -
The Heart of America Medical center has recently upgraded their MRI to the latest in MRI technology. The new Vantage TitanTM from Canon Medical Systems features a larger patient tube offering a more comfortable and quiet experience for patients. The new technology also offers the largest available clinical field-of-view, which will allow for the highest level of patient care and diagnostic capability.
Along with providing a more comfortable experience, the Vantage Titan MRI system allows for a variety of contrast-free MRA imaging techniques. Contrast-free imaging is particularly important because of the increased safety and reduction of risks associated with using contrast for patients who may be high risk.
“HAMC is again moving in the right direction upgrading our MRI with the latest technology. The comfort level makes patients happy and the image quality will greatly improve diagnosing of conditions,” director of radiology, Kirk Seaver.
With this addition of the region’s newest and largest MRI, HAMC continues to offer the latest technology to their patients, close to home.