PSA Regarding Testing Result Notifications

November 16, 2020
Public Service Announcement Regarding Testing Results
Rugby, ND –
In an effort to educate the public on receiving their COVID-19 testing results please review the following information.
  • All patients who present for COVID-19 testing are MANDATED to self-isolate/quarantine until they have received their testing results back.
  • You will be notified from the North Dakota Department of Health if you are positive. Current wait times for test results are three to six days.
  • Patients who have negative test results will be notified by Heart of America Medical Center – during business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • HAMC will notify you of positive results, but not until after the state has them completed.
  • Test results will be entered into the MyChart Patient Portal after received from the state. You can sign up for this free service on the HAMC webpage. This feature is available 24/7.
  • Please refrain from calling the HAMC laboratory or the on call provider to obtain your results.
HAMC asks for your continued support in these difficult times. The information provided above is the most current information we have. Again, we stress the importance of self-isolation and quarantining, which could be up to six days after testing. Test results will only be available once the state has made notification of pending results.
Darcie Rose, Public Information Officer
701.776.5455 ext. 2218