Positive COVID-19 Tests Received at Haaland Estates


In an update to a previous news release dated August 5, 2020 all testing results have been received back regarding the sentinel testing complete at Haaland Estated on August 4, 2020. All test results were negative.

For immediate release                                                                                                                 August 5, 2020
Positive COVID-19 Tests Received at Haaland Estates
Rugby, ND –
In the latest scheduled sentinel testing event at the Haaland Estates on July 29th, 2020, 116 individuals were tested. The testing included residents and employees of the facility. Of the 116 tested, there were three positives – one employee and two residents of the basic care facility. These tests were completed at the state laboratory. All individuals were asymptomatic prior to the testing event and continue to have no symptoms as of this release.
Haaland Estates was tested again on August 4, 2020, those results have not been received at the time of this release. Haaland Estates will continue testing employees and residents on a weekly basis to monitor and minimize the spread of the virus. Once complete negative results have been obtained for a period of two consecutive weeks, they will resume the regular scheduled sentinel testing as required by the state.