Third Round Hero Pay

For immediate release                                                                                                                 January 27, 2021
Third Round of Hero Pay Paid to HAMC Employees
Rugby, ND –
In the recent GSHA Board of Trustees meeting held on January 25, 2021 a unanimous vote was cast for all Heart of America Medical Center employees to receive a third round of Hero Pay. The amount of the bonus was increased as voted on by the board of trustees. All fulltime employees will receive a bonus of $1,250, part time employees will receive $750 and PRN staff meeting requirements set forth by the Human Resources Department will receive $500.  This bonus will pertain to employees that worked during the fourth quarter (October, November, and December) of 2020 and serves as hazard and retention pay.
“Our staff went through a very trying time this past quarter. This Hero Bonus is a small token of appreciation for all that they have done. We are truly blessed to have such dedicated people working for our community,” Erik Christenson, CEO of Heart of America Medical Center. 
“I know I speak for the Board of Trustees when I say Hero Pay has been an opportunity to show the level of gratitude and appreciation we have for HAMC staff across the organization with their dedicated teamwork and focus in providing the extraordinary health care needed during these challenging times,” Board of Trustees Vice Chairman, Wayne Trottier. “Keep up the outstanding effort. I am truly humbled by your commitment to the community and its people.  Thank you.”