HAMC to Hold Active Shooter DRILL


Hospital Active Shooter Drill
to be exercised by Heart of America Medical Center
December 17, 2021, Heart of America Medical Center
Rugby, ND –An Active Shooter Drill is planned for 1:00 p.m., December 17, 2021, at the Heart of America Medical Center.
The Active Shooter drill is a collaborative product of a cross sectional group of health care professionals who have developed a realistic scenario that includes not only clinical settings but the often-ignored administrative areas. The goal is to provide participants ‘hospital-specific’ resources on preparing for an active shooter.

Violence in health care settings is on the rise. HAMC has assembled a team to offer an opportunity to actively participate in emergency scenarios in both an ER setting and office environment. Participants will collaborate with law enforcement and emergency management to facilitate creating a local plan for survival and post-event recovery.

“This exercise has been developed to bring together the various stakeholders—security, law enforcement, emergency management, emergency medicine, risk managers and others—to experience the drill scenario and then discuss how the agencies can work together in developing a plan,” says Darcie Rose, Public Information Officer.
The event will be anchored by leaders in hospital security including the Emergency Preparedness and Hazardous Materials Coordinator, Heart of America Medical Center, Pierce County Emergency Manager, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Rugby Emergency Medical Services and Rugby Police Department.

This drill will be taking place during regular business hours, scheduled appointments and emergency care will still be available. We acknowledge the sight of emergency service and law enforcement vehicles may cause concern or alarm individuals in the area. Please know this is only a drill, we also ask that members of the community who are not actively involved in the drill to please stay clear of the area during the event. Any impact on the community should be minimal. On the day of the drill signs will be strategically placed throughout the facility giving notice of the drill in progress.
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