REMS to Launch Rural Public Responder Program

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest or severe traumatic injury with major bleeding, their chance to survive require basic life support to be delivered within 10 minutes or less from the initial time of occurrence.
Most EMS systems are designed to provide a response time that allows for trained personnel to arrive at the scene of the emergency within that ten minutes “window”. Rugby Emergency Medical Services (REMS) has developed this capability within the City of Rugby and surrounding areas. Additional public safety agencies such as the Rugby Police, Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, Wolford Fire Department Quick Response Unit and the ND Highway Patrol offer additional response capabilities.
However, for the majority of unincorporated Pierce County, REMS is unable to meet the 10 minutes goal of reaching a victim due to the great distance which needs to be traveled. What REMS pledges to do to decrease response times in rural areas is to recruit, train and equip rural families to respond and to provide the necessary Basic Life Support until they can arrive at the scene, assume care & transportation of the patient.
The program goal is to have at least one rural family in each of the following townships volunteer as active participants.
  • Barton
  • East Barton
  • Spring Lake
  • Juanita
  • Wolford
  • Union
  • Dewey
  • Walsh
  • Torgerson
  • Tofte
  • Rush Lake
  • Hurricane Lake
  • Ness
  • Christenson
  • Meyer
  • Jefferson
  • Tuscarora
  • Reno Valley
  • Sandale
  • Balta
  • Elverum
  • Elling
  • Girard Lake
  • Rosedale
Once a family/individual is identified in one of the above townships as an emergency responder, REMS will schedule a training session. Training sessions will take place in the home of the emergency responder and last approximately three hours. Training will include: An overview of the local EMS System, recognition of cardiac arrest, “hands-only” CPR, application and use of an AED and other related pertinent information.  Emergency responders will also be issued necessary equipment such as an AED, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and wound care materials.  
If you or a family member is interested in becoming an emergency responder, contact Ken Reed, Director of Emergency and Disaster Services at Heart of America Medical Center at 776.5455 ext. 2147.