Cancer Care

Cancer Care and Infusions

As part of a collaborative effort with our patients’ oncologists, we provide a chemotherapy delivery model for those diagnosed with cancer. Our staff takes pride in creating a supportive and healing environment for patients and their families. Cancer patients receive treatment, care and support from their primary care provider.

Built in 2017, HAMC’s Cancer Care Suite is situated in the acute hospital located on ground floor. Patients will check in at the Admissions desk near the Emergency Room entrance.

Dedicated to you

We are dedicated to bringing the latest treatments to you whether you have cancer, a chronic infection, an immune disorder or some other condition that requires intravenous therapy.

Staffed by pharmacists and nurses who are highly skilled at administering infusion medicines, keep a watchful eye on you during treatment.

Because infusion therapy can sometimes take several hours, we are equipped with features to help make you as comfortable as possible, such as big chairs, soft lighting, televisions, tablets and Wi-Fi.