Occupational Therapy

iStock_000012779456_Large.jpgOur occupational therapy team uses a variety of techniques to build strength, endurance and motivation. We also assess patients' needs for adaptive equipment to promote their highest degree of functional independence.

Through therapy and adaptive equipment, we help people perform activities of daily living - self-care, housekeeping, cooking and childcare - and vocational and recreational activities.

We provide services for people diagnosed with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular and developmental disabilities, edema, cardiac and renal diseases. We help people experiencing generalized weakness and low endurance. And we see clients who have experienced amputations, hand injuries, cumulative trauma, traumatic brain injuries and severe burns.

A referral from your healthcare provider is required to receive occupational therapy services. For more information, please call Occupational Therapy Director Alli Rognlien at 701-776-5455 ext. 2499.